Featured Artist: Morgan Amirani

Mojgan a.jpeg

Redd Accessories is a southern California based jewelry line handcrafted by Morgan Amirani. Having a BA in interior design has given her a greater understanding of shape, form and the juxtaposition of different materials. All this has led her to what she was destined to do, creating one of a kind jewelry!

Morgan launched “Redd Accessories” in 2012, crafting refined statement pieces that are delicate and structured, feminine and powerful, timeless and modern while uniquely international and relevant for decades to come.

REDD features distinctive jewelry coveted for its remarkable beauty & superb quality. From everyday to special occasion with each piece complementing one another for a layered motif.  REDD Jewelry collections have been described as “original”, “modern”, “artistic”, “edgy”, and “mystical” by many forward-thinkers. Morgan creates each piece with a commitment to explore changing perceptions of luxury and beauty.                                                                            

The small red crystal in some of the pieces represents a sense of awakening and transformation, a feeling of awareness and connection to the elements that surround us. This increased sensitivity allows us to look within and unlock hidden possibilities.


Each item is uniquely designed, to order your own one-of-a-kind design, visit our shop!